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Dean Huff: ‘Vote for Stephen Bailey’

Boulder Daily Camera – Oct. 19, 2010

US 2nd Congressional District voters have a clear choice in November.  The differences between incumbent Jared Polis and challenger Stephen Bailey are substantial.

Some aspects of Polis’ record are commendable.  Others are far from exemplary.  Although he would shift the blame to “eight long years of failed economic policies”  “Longmont Times-Call, Q&A With Candidates, 11 October 2010), Polis owns the current economic crisis, along with Obama, Reid and Pelosi, by his support for Cap and Trade, Obamacare and the Stimulus.

Polis claims, in the same Q&A, that “we are finally moving forward”.  Really?! Toward what?  Toward how much more intractable high unemployment?  Toward how many more people forced onto food stamps instead of bringing home paychecks?  Toward how long while businesses are unable to make plans without coherent federal tax policy?  Toward how many more regulations piled on our backs by confessedly Marxist “czars”? Toward how much more lip from progressives like Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein, who thinks we are as dumb as Homer Simpson and are therefore easily manipulated (“nudged”) into approved behaviors?  Read more….

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