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If you are a young voter, between the ages of 18 and 30, you should be especially concerned with the current direction of the country.  A consequence of the current political ideology dominant in Washington is how it pits one group of people against another on virtually every issue.  The repeated segregation of the population into various “interest groups” derives directly from government initiation of the use of force.  Unfortunately, young voters suffer disproportionate discrimination at the hands of our government.

Health Care as an example.

The President and Congress, against the outspoken will of the majority, are ramming through a huge, new entitlement program.  The Congressional Budget Office, which always understates the costs of new government programs, has estimated the costs of all variations of the proposed legislation at approximately $1 trillion over 10 years.  Some variations are asserted to actually save the federal government money.  However, did you know that the legislation significantly increases taxes immediately while delaying the start of the programs by 4 or 5 years?  Any assessment of the true costs of the proposed programs would recognize the dishonesty in promoting the cost savings benefits when 10 years of revenue offset 5 or 6 years of costs.

The proposed legislation mandates you to purchase health insurance.  Since most young adults enjoy very good health while also struggling to make their way in the world, many choose to forego insurance or to purchase cheaper policies that focus on insuring against catastrophic health events.  In other words, the health care costs of the young are significantly lower than those of older adults.  The proposed legislation further mandates the allowable differentials in insurance policy pricing.  As a consequence, young adults will be subsidizing the health care of older adults.  Is this fair?  Older adults have had a lifetime to acquire the assets necessary to cover their health costs as they age.  If they acted irrationally and failed to plan for the obvious eventualities of life, do they have the right to transfer the consequences of the risks they choose to take to you?  In this discussion, we are not concerned about those who have been visited by tragedy not of their own making which prevented their ability to acquire the assets over their lifetime to pay for health care as they age.  What concern us are government laws and policies that forces all into a state of dependency on a system that forces one group to subsidize the lives of others.  This is how the government pits one group, the young against the rest of the population.  Besides, when were you asked if you choose to be brought into this world if it means that you would be enslaved to serve others?  Of course, no one gave you the choice.  Burdening people with unaccepted obligations is a violation of the fundamental political principle that governs all civil human interaction:  Non-initiation of the use of force.

Economics and the Budget

Deficit spending, by transferring wealth that has yet to be created, increases future taxes — taxes on you.  The beneficiaries of the generational wealth transfer will largely be gone by the time the tab comes due.  But, you will be forced to labor to pay that bill and the interest on it.  How bad can it be?  Let’s take a look at the numbers.

As this is being written, the total U.S. national debt (federal government) exceeds $12 trillion.  This does not include off-budget liabilities such as the debt of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and other government obligations.  Estimates vary by source, however, the true total debt approximates $100 trillion!  It is very difficult to comprehend what that level of debt means to you.  Here are a few reference points:

  • The federal liabilities when apportioned to each citizen amounts to greater than $340,000.  A nice house in most parts of the country could be had for that amount of money.
  • If the government would need to confiscate 100% of the profits of the Fortune 500 for 145 years to pay off the debt.  But, the interest on it would remain unpaid.
  • The New York Times estimates that by 2019 the interest costs alone will total more than $700 billion.  Total federal outlays did not exceed that amount until 1985!

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to recapture the money spent by the government in an orgy of deficit spending.  However, you can remove these ethically irresponsible politicians and replace them with representatives that will stop the plundering of future generations as quickly as possible.

A Call to Action

The only way our freedoms can be violated is via the initiation of the use of force.  If you aspire to fight for a worthy cause, then fight for the most worthy of all – freedom.  Join my campaign and fight for the restoration of individual rights and liberty that our Constitution sought to guarantee but that our political class has squandered into a cesspool of corruption.  Come and remake the United States into that Shining City on a Hill that is the beacon and protector of freedom for the entire world once again.

Liberty is Prosperity!