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Greenlee: Our congressional candidates

Boulder Daily Camera: 10-24-2010

Conventional wisdom suggests that Congressman Jared Polis enjoys a “safe” Democratic seat in the U.S. House of Representatives and will easily win reelection this November. Maybe so, but these are not ordinary times and Stephen Bailey, his Republican opponent, appears to have gained some traction among independent voters.

Polis is a dependable lock-step Obamacrat who voted in favor of nearly every liberal cause cobbled together over the past several years. The various bailouts, stimulus programs, and unknown costs associated with health insurance reform he voted for have all contributed to putting our nation in severe economic peril.

Conventional wisdom doesn`t always prevail. If voters want to get off the tax and spend and deficit expanding fast track they have an extremely credible choice by voting for Stephen Bailey. As you might suspect, I fully support and have contributed to his candidacy.     Read more…

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