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U.S. Constitution

I hold to a strict construction of the U.S. Constitution. Congress’s powers are limited to those enumerated in Article I, Section 8. I pledge to vote against any proposed legislation that exceeds the authority of the enumerated powers. I further pledge to have the honesty and integrity to propose a constitutional amendment should I ever find myself in the position of supporting a position that requires the Congress to have powers greater than those enumerated. I will monitor the decisions of the Supreme Court and inferior courts and will sponsor impeachment proceedings against any Justice or inferior judge who consistently or egregiously authors decisions that violate the Constitution.


I love capitalism! Capitalism is the only economic system compatible with freedom. Capitalism allows each individual to trade his time & production for the time & production of others and to freely associate with others in commercial transactions. Capitalism allows us, as individuals, to determine what is in our best interests and to enter into mutually beneficial transactions and contracts with others. By upholding the Constitution, I will be indirectly upholding and promoting capitalism.

Welfare & Corruption

Morality presumes a choice. If you are forced to give your money for any purpose, that act makes you neither more nor less virtuous. As Ayn Rand said: Morality ends where a gun begins. Unconstitutional powers currently exercised by Congress are driven from a mistaken desire to enforce morality on the citizenry through government enforced charitable giving. When the government picks winners – recipients of personal or corporate welfare, then it is also choosing the losers. There is no better recipe for corruption than to give the power of picking winners and losers to the government. The exercise of that power is always justified in terms of helping others. But it always results in corruption.

Health Care

The nationalization of our health care system is wrong in every possible way. For the first time in the history of the U.S., the federal government will force its citizens and residents to purchase a product as a condition of living in the country. When did you accept that obligation? If the majority (actually, a minority), can force everyone to purchase a product, a principle has been conceded and there is nothing to stop the majority from exercising that authority for other products and services. For doctors and nurses, when you embarked on your medical career, did you agree that you would limit your employment options to one – the government – and that that employer could dictate to you how you would practice medicine? Everything negative that has been said about the health care bills is true: Health care will be nationalized, maybe not overnight but within a generation; Panels will be created that will make life and death decisions; Care will be rationed; Quality of care will decline; Mortality rates will increase; Life expectancy and Quality of Life will decrease. Some are old enough to remember the gas lines of the 1970s. Gasoline shortages were caused by government price controls. The Health Care legislation will control prices on medical services decreasing supply and creating shortages. There is no economic difference between gasoline and health care services.

Climate Change & Environment

Our global climate changes are well within normal, historical variations. No scientific consensus exists that temperature variability over recent decades or centuries are due to the effects of human activity. In fact, global temperatures this decade have actually declined in contradiction of global warming models. So why have so many scientists jumped on the global warming bandwagon? Check their sources of funding. When the federal government is the primary source of this type of funding and the bureaucrats in government have a vested interest in preserving their jobs, those goals are best accomplished by creating and perpetuating a crisis. Use common sense. Is the climate of your area substantially different today than 20 years ago? The crisis also serves the purposes of proponents of big government. People naturally tend towards laissez-faire attitudes – let me do my thing and I’ll let you do yours. Proponents of big government need crises to motivate (panic) the citizenry into giving them power. The Bush administration did this with the financial crisis (which was government created) and the Obama administration grabbed the coattails of that crisis and rode them to greater power. The true nature of the global warming proponents can be found in the common theme of all the solutions they propose: Government intervention (elimination of freedoms).

Signed Pledges

Contract From America

10th Amendment Pledge

AFP Earmarks Pledge

CUT, Candidate/Legislator Pledge

ATR, Taxpayer Protection Pledge

ATR, Repeal of Death Taxes Pledge

ATR, No VAT Pledge

Downsize DC Pledge


If elected, will you compromise to pass legislation?

What is compromise? It is the settlement of differences by mutual concessions; an agreement reached by adjustment of conflicting or opposing claims, principles, etc.

When it comes to principles, when it is a matter of constitutionality of legislation and the upholding or destruction of our liberties, what is to be gained by compromising? Either a contract is valid and legally enforced by the government or it is a meaningless piece of paper. Either we have the right to own property, use it and dispose of it as we see fit, or our property can be confiscated or its use and disposition restricted arbitrarily. Either we can speak freely, or we are subject to imprisonment or worse for speaking our minds. Either we can possess guns for our protection, or we are left defenseless.

Who is the winner when there is compromise between freedom and serfdom? Who gains when good compromises with evil? I will never compromise on the principles of liberty and freedom.

Yes, in today’s political culture that guarantees that I will be voting “nay” on most legislation. Consider those votes activism in defense against the further deterioration of your Constitutional Rights. However, a wide gulf exists between today’s status quo and the full restoration of our Constitutional Rights. Legislation which moves our country closer to freedom and laissez-faire capitalism will require close scrutiny. If I judge the proposed legislation to significantly improve the status quo because it is based on sound principle, then a vote for that legislation may be justified as a stepping stone to achieving the ultimate goal of complete and full restoration of the U.S. Constitution and our individual rights. I will never vote for legislation that retains the status quo or further deteriorates our freedoms.