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If elected, will you compromise to pass legislation?

What is compromise? It is the settlement of differences by mutual concessions; an agreement reached by adjustment of conflicting or opposing claims, principles, etc.

When it comes to principles, when it is a matter of constitutionality of legislation and the upholding or destruction of our liberties, what is to be gained by compromising? Either a contract is valid and legally enforced by the government or it is a meaningless piece of paper. Either we have the right to own property, use it and dispose of it as we see fit, or our property can be confiscated or its use and disposition restricted arbitrarily. Either we can speak freely, or we are subject to imprisonment or worse for speaking our minds. Either we can possess guns for our protection, or we are left defenseless.

Who is the winner when there is compromise between freedom and serfdom? Who gains when good compromises with evil? I will never compromise on the principles of liberty and freedom.

Yes, in today’s political culture that guarantees that I will be voting “nay” on most legislation. Consider those votes activism in defense against the further deterioration of your Constitutional Rights. However, a wide gulf exists between today’s status quo and the full restoration of our Constitutional Rights. Legislation which moves our country closer to freedom and laissez-faire capitalism will require close scrutiny. If I judge the proposed legislation to significantly improve the status quo because it is based on sound principle, then a vote for that legislation may be justified as a stepping stone to achieving the ultimate goal of complete and full restoration of the U.S. Constitution and our individual rights. I will never vote for legislation that retains the status quo or further deteriorates our freedoms.