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You Have a Clear Choice
Consistent with my love of capitalism; I support a free market in health care. With government accounting for 50% of health care spending today, we are far from a free market. I will never support further government intervention into the health care industry (including the Republican alternative as it does increase government intervention). I will work to transition the federal government out of the health care industry (except for the armed services). Transition planning is critical as many people have been forced into dependence and, for some, independence in their lifetime will not be possible.

The incumbent supports government run health care. He works hard to obfuscate that he supports a single payer, nationalized health care system. However, he was not always so reserved in admitting his goals. The incumbent invested in a company that provides “medical tourism” services. His investment indicates he understands the consequences that this terrible legislation will create. The incumbent’ promise to enroll in the government option is disingenuous. He must think his constituents are fools. With a net worth exceeding $100 million, the incumbent has sufficient resources to acquire the best health care anywhere in the world.


If you have read the sections on U.S. Constitution, Economy, and Welfare and Charity, then my position on health care is obvious. I oppose the various attempts to nationalize the health care system. All proposed legislation – President Obama’s, the House’s or the Senate’s have a single purpose and that purpose is the nationalization of the health care industry – government control over your medical care.

Yes, health care does need to be reformed. Constitutional, free market reforms include the elimination of tax code biases which favor employer provision of health insurance which creates portability issues and first dollar coverage plans which increases costs (how expensive would your groceries be if you paid $20 every time you went grocery shopping and UnitedHealth was billed for the remainder of the costs?), elimination of state regulations that prohibit citizens of one state from purchasing health care from another state which is restraint of trade and elimination of state regulations on health insurance policies which drive up costs by mandating what products can be sold.

Today, 50% of all health care spending originates with the government. Government health care programs interfere with the free market as the government requires providers to supply health care services at fees below costs. Providers then raise the costs for non-government funded users of health care.

The nationalization of health care enslaves our doctors, nurses and health technicians by forcing them to work for the government, for compensation dictated by the government, and under constraints that bureaucrats devise. Medical professionals deserve the freedom to conduct their practice of medicine in the manner that they believe is best. Their patients deserve the benefit of their health care providers’ best judgment, not the judgment dictated by Washington bureaucrats.