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You Have a Clear Choice
I pledge to uphold the principle of the non-initiation of the use of force. Therefore, I will oppose any legislation that does not treat all Americans equally. I will not tolerate legislation that takes from Peter to pay Paul.  Anyone and everyone is free to voluntarily give to charity and volunteer time and resources to support charitable causes.  This is a role left for individuals to determine, not the government.

Through his support of the nationalization of health care, the incumbent has demonstrated his support for the government initiating the use of force against its citizens. The incumbent has demonstrated that he does want to pick winners and losers through his support of the Stimulus and Health Care legislation. He openly supports corruption through his support of ACORN by refusing to exclude ACORN from federal funds. Furthermore, the incumbent exposes his misconstruction of the Constitution by claiming that the exclusion of ACORN from government funding constitutes a bill of attainder. Excluding an organization from government funding can be construed as punishment only if you believe that the organization has a right to the government’s funds! ACORN remains free to operate, but they must do so with funding sources other than the federal government. The incumbent’s rationalization would be creditable if he also stated that he opposed the government funding of all organizations such as ACORN – organizations that exist for no other purpose than to take government funds to increase government spending.

Spending on the welfare state has skyrocketed from $34.29 billion in 1965 to $395.4 billion in 2009. The promoters of the welfare state wield our virtue as a weapon against us. They know that we do not want to see others suffer, that we will help others in need. They attempt to make us feel guilty so that we back welfare spending.

I oppose welfare statists, like the incumbent, for what they are: immoral thieves who steal our wealth and then demand that we thank them for it because their theft somehow makes us more virtuous. Charity is a virtue. However, morality presumes a choice, the freedom of action. If someone steals from you and gives the proceeds to a charity, did their act of theft make you any more virtuous? No, you had no choice in the matter. Is the thief any less of a thief because he gave the stolen wealth to charity? No, he is still a thief.

The fundamental principle in politics is: Non-initiation of the use of force. Adherence to this principle is the only way to guarantee the rights of everyone. You are the only one who can determine how your property and your life is to be used and disposed. If you are moved to perform a charitable act, you decide how much money, time or property you will give. You decide who is deserving of your charity.

Our welfare state programs are called entitlements. The damage to our values and civility created by entitlement programs cannot be overstated. When people believe they are entitled to something, then they will demand that they get it. They will behave in an angry and belligerent manner as long as they perceive that their entitlement is being withheld. Instead of gratitude, the deliverers of entitlements are treated, at best, with indifference and, at worse, contempt. Entitlements make people dependent. As the opposite of independence, dependence is a form of slavery. The welfare state pits one group of citizens against another. One group is entitled. The other group is obligated. If you are a parent, did you bring your children into the world with the understanding that they will be either dependent on entitlements or enslaved to provide the entitlement?

Charity is a virtue only when it is offered voluntarily. Government enforced charity is an oxymoron that destroys freedom.