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John Galt For Congress? An Interview with Stephen Bailey

Oct. 30, 2010 – Capitalism Magazine

Stephen Bailey believes that your life is yours to live for your purpose in the pursuit of your dreams and happiness. His opponent does not.

Joshua Lipana: First off, what prompted you to run for congress?

Stephen Bailey: I’ve always been interested in politics as an armchair observer and commentator.  However,  the decision to run began in late 2008 when the TARP bailout legislation was first brought  to a vote.  I was on a business trip in Europe and celebrated when the bill was defeated.  When Congress and President Bush signed the TARP bailout two weeks later, against the wishes of the American public, it initiated the chain of events that led to the creation of the Tea Party movement and my resolve to not allow my country, my freedom and my families freedom to be destroyed.  The resolve accelerated over the next year as President Obama and the Democrats rammed one tyrannical bill after another down our throats, engorging themselves and their political cronies in an orgy of spending that is bankrupting America.  Read entire article….

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